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Sixth International Course: “Computational genomics”

 Theoretical and practical course
April, 01-05, 2013

Headquarter of Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique et Technique – CNRST, Rabat, Morocco



  • Prof. Dr. ir. Jean Swings ( Ghent University , Belgium ),

  • Prof. Dr. Peter Dawyndt ( Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Sience, Ghent University , Belgium ),

  • Prof. Dr. Klaas Vandepoele ( VIB Department of Plant Systems Biology, Ghent University , Belgium ),

  • Prof. Dr. Dave Ussery ( Center for Biological Sequence Analysis, Department of Systems Biology , The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) ),

  • Prof. Dr. Mohamed Saghi ( President de la Societe Marocaine de Microbiologie-SMM , Morocco ),

  • Prof. Dr. EL Houssine Bouyakhf ( Faculty of Science Mohammed V - Agdal University, Rabat , Morocco ),

  • Prof. Dr. Mohamed Benabdelkhalek ( Faculty of Science Mohammed V- Agdal University, Rabat , Morocco ),

  • Prof. Dr. Mohamed Amar ( Laboratory of Microbiology and Biology Molecular - LMBM, National Center for Scientific and Technical Research - CNRST , Morocco ),

  • Prof. Dr. Mostapha Elfahime ( Chef de service des UATRS biologie, CNRST , Morocco ),

  • Prof. Dr. Merrouch ( Chef de Division, Moroccan Wide Area Network, MARWAN , Morocco ),

  • Prof. Dr. Hamid EL Amri ( Responsable du Laboratoire de Genetique de la Gendarmerie Royale , Morocco ),

  • Prof. Dr. Mustapha Missbah El Idrissi ( ENS, Mohammed V- Agdal University, Rabat , Morocco ),

  • Prof. Dr. Mohammed Ismaili ( Faculty of Science Moulay Ismail University, Meknes , Morocco ),

Registration Fee:

   • Theoretical course: 1000 DH / 90 Euros
   • Practical and Theoretical course: 2000 DH / 180 Euros
Accommodation and local transportation will be borne by the participants.


Mrs.  Laila BOUCHANE & Mr. Azeddine BADOURI  
Laboratory of Microbiology and Molecular Biology – LMBM,
National Center for Scientific and Technical Research – CNRST

Angle avenue Allal El Fassi, avenue des FAR, Quartier Hay Ryad, BP. 8027 Nations Unies, 10102 Rabat, MAROC

Tel : +212 537 569 810
Tel/Fax: + 212 537 778 676

Contact person: Mr. Azeddine BADOURI












1. Summary:

The course provides an up-to-date overview of the fields of genome analysis and bioinformatics with an emphasis on hands-on analysis of genome data using state-of-the-art bioinformatics tools and methods. The lecture series will review the exciting new scientific discoveries that have emerged over the past five years from the sequencing of prokaryotic and eukaryotic genomes, and will provide the theoretical background for different bioinformatics analyses. The focus of the course will be on next-generation sequence analysis, genome annotation, functional analysis & comparative genomics.

The hands-on sessions in the afternoon will target next-generation sequencing analysis following a complete pipeline from sequence assembly to genome analysis using prokaryotic genomes as a case study. See course program.

2. Language:

Theoretical and hands-on sessions will be given in English.

3. Format of the Workshop:

• Lectures on different aspects of genome analysis and bioinformatics.
• Discussion sessions.
• Hands-on sessions: case studies on next-generation sequencing analysis, including assembly, gene finding, functional annotation and comparative genomics. (See course program)  

4. Lecture Packages:

The course will take 34.5 hours and comprises a series of 12 lectures in the morning from 8.30 to 13:00 and tutorials in the afternoon from 14.30 to 17.30.

5. Lecturers:

   • Prof. Dr. Peter Dawyndt (Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Ghent University , Belgium ),

   • Prof. Dr Dave Ussery (Center for Biological Sequence Analysis, Department of Systems Biology, the Technical University of Denmark

   • Dr. Klaas Vandepoele (VIB Department of Plant Systems Biology, Ghent University, Belgium ),  (see CVs of the lecturers)

   • Secretariat and technical assistance: CCMM and MARWAN staff (CNRST- Morocco).

6. Participant profile and selection criteria:

Participants: The subject matter is suited for researchers, masters of bioinformatics, PhD students or last year students in a broad range of disciplines: computer science, biology, agricultural engineering, medicine, pharmacy.  Selection of the candidates will be based on curriculum vitae.  Candidates will be asked to provide information on their personal interest and field of research. Good knowledge of the English language is a prerequisite

Priority will be given to:
      • Moroccan applicants working in industry, universities and training and/or research centers.
      • Applicants from Africa and Middle-East.

7. Number of Participants:

    • Theoretical course: Maximum 100
    • Hands-on sessions: Maximum 40

8. Course materials:

 Lecture notes (course manual) and information package
   •    Computer programs (software)
   •    Equipment (Computers, high performance clusters)
   •   Certificates

9.Expected Benefits:

   •   Transfer of technology in the field of genome analysis and bioinformatics.
 Establishment of network amongst Moroccan individuals interested in genome analysis. The network will also comprise European experts and will be open to others individuals mainly from Africa and/ or Mediterranean countries.

 Please download the Registration Form

Deadline: March , 17, 2013.