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The LMBM organizes meetings, workshops and courses

  • Meeting of Arab expert in Biotechnology, Rabat, July 1st- 4th, 1997

  • Meeting of AZAY Committee French teachers of clinical microbiology and virology, Rabat, September 11th 16th, 1998

  • National conference on the Intellectual Property Right of microbial resources : Budapest treaty and ADPIC agreement, Organized in collaboration with World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO and Moroccan OMPIC, Casablanca, April 16th-17th , 2002

  • International meeting on Modern Biotechnology, What are the threat and the opportunity for Morocco, Rabat, June 3rd 5th, 2002
  • Workshop on molecular typing of lactic acid bacteria using rep-PCR and identifying them by using bio-informatics (Gel-compare Software), LMBM, Rabat, December 14th 20th, 2002

  • Meeting on the valorisation of the scientific results, Rabat, June  30th July 4th 2003
  • WFCC/USFCC/ENIM/BCCM/CCMM-CNRST Training Course entitled : Management of Culture Collections of Microorganisms Rabat, May 3rd-7th, 2004

  • Second meeting on the valorisation of the scientific results, Marrakech, September 27th 29th, 2004
  • Third meeting on the valorisation of the scientific results Rabat, November 7th 9th 2005

  • Fifth International Course: "Computational genomics", April, 05th - 09th, 2010

  • International Course entitled : "Biostatistiques & Datamining", April, 08th - 10th, 2014

  • International Course entitled : "Symbioses Plantes-Microorganismes", October, 28th - 30th, 2014


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