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1- Isolation and purification of micro-organisms

The CCMM network staff can provide assistance in the purification of cultures, the isolation of strains of micro-organisms (bacteria, yeasts or fungi) from a diverse range of contaminated sources, the isolation of strains with specific characteristics, etc ...

2- Characterization and identification of strains

A comprehensive and reliable identification and characterisation service for micro-organisms is available at CCMM network, using an extensive array of phenotypic tests (such as biochemical reactions, cellular protein electrophoresis), genotypic analyses (such as % G+C determinations, restriction fragment length polymorphism RFLP, hybridization DNA-DNA, repetitive element palindromic rep-PCR, etc...

3- Molecular biology service

The CCMM network can provide at least molecular typing or fingerprinting of cultures such as DGGE, RAPD, AFLP and rep-PCR. In the near future, we intend to introduce the automated sequencing of nucleic acids.

4- Storage preservation and distribution of strains

As compared to the advanced collections over the world like BCCM, the CCMM network are now using suitable techniques in preserving micro-organisms such as cryopreservation and lyophilization. The strain distribution is performed following the known criteria of quality control.

5- Computerisation of data

The format for computer storage and retrieval of strain data is done following the adopted data fields in agreement with the Microbial Information Network Europe (MINE).

Data input is done with MYSQL based software, developed in CCMM by KARMONA Sanae and BADOURI Azeddine - CNRST .